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Hand Pallet

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Electric Hand Pallet Truck

This is our best selling high quality 2500 kg hydraulic pallet truck. Easy to steer with a 210 degrees turning radius. A pump truck that meets all your warehouse requirements at a very competitive price.

Hand Pallet Truck

Capacity (in tonnes) – 2.5

At SFS, there is a Hand pallet truck to suit every business need. We are one of the distinguished hand pallet truck manufacturers in Bangalore. There are various hand pallet trucks such as electric hand pallet trucks and hydraulic hand pallet trucks to suit your warehouse needs. No matter how your warehouse operates, you deserve the peace of mind of knowing you have the best truck in terms of suitability and quality of build to give you optimized output. Our Electric hand pallet truck is very simple to handle and remarkably maneuverable and safe in every way. Since it runs on electricity, it consumes 25% less energy than other counterparts. With our 25 years of experience in letting out equipment for rental, in Bangalore and Chennai, we have exactly the right type of equipment for your needs.

We have the latest fleet equipment with over 500+ equipment for hire, so all our customers can be assured that when we supply equipment for hire it will surely work! Our network of shops is spread all around Bangalore and Chennai. SFS hand pallet trolley are the best-maintained equipment and ensure high performance at cost-effective prices.

Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck (FAQ’S)

1. What is an electric hand pallet truck?

A electric hand pallet truck is one of the most commonly used lift trucks in industrial companies. It is used for material handling inside warehouses. It is battery powered.
It can be of the walkie or ride-on type – i.e. steered by a tiller or wheel.
The hand pallet truck lift offers load shifting, lifting and lowering functions.

2. What is the average life span of hand pallet trolley?

The average lifespan of wooden pallets is approximately 3-5 years, which certainly isn’t a short lifespan for a product that is constantly carrying heavy loads across the country.

3. How does hand pallet trolleys improve material movement efficiency?

On an average a normal healthy human being cannot handle loads of unit weight more than 30 Kgs continuously. The Hydraulic hand Pallet trucks can handle palletised load up to 2500 Kg in a single haul and a single operator can lift and move this weight effortlessly over short distances.

4. Does hand pallet trolleys really reduce operator fatigue?

Hand Pallet truck rental offered by SFS’s are very easy to use. It has standard fast lift which ensures ground clear lifting with minimum human effort and which is unmatched with the trolleys available from other suppliers.

5. Whether Hand Pallet truck can be used for non-palletised loads?

SFS’s Hand Pallet truck can also be used for carrying small non palletised loads with suitable improvisation to hold the load on the forks. But palletisation really enhances the material handling efficiency and throughput.

6. What is the average life span of hand pallet trolley?

The life of Hand Pallet truck as in the case of any other warehouse equipment depends on the usage and the type of load and surface. If the Hydraulic hand Pallet truck is not overloaded beyond the rated capacity and not pushed around on very rough surfaces then it gives good service for a very long extended period of more than 5 years.