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Räder Vogel (wheels)

Räder Vogel - Wheels & Rollers

Quality Made in Germany

All wheels have one thing in common – they are round. However, every area of application has specific requirements in terms of size, materials, and load capacity. Räder Vogel has been developing wheels and castors since 1946 which meet the ever increasing demands of the market. From individual customer-specific items to standardised large batches. For use in industrial trucks, extraction technology, storage technology, in industry retail and crafts. Their demands, quality and capacity for innovation have made them one of the leading manufacturers of wheels, pallet rollers, press-on tyres and swivel and fixed castors in the world. Räder Vogel produces more than 30,000 different items in Germany. And have more than 10,000 customers worldwide.

The right wheel for every application.

Räder Vogel products drive a wide range of industries throughout the world from the extraction and processing of raw materials, to intra-logistics and through to transport and supply systems. From small PEVOLON® conveyor rollers and heavy-duty double rollers with PEVOPUR® wheels to VULKOLLAN® press-on tyres: more than 30,000 items with diameters of 30 mm to 1,800 mm and load capacities of up to 80 tonnes illustrate their wide range of products and expertise. All of the drive, load and guiding wheels as well as the press-on tyres, running wheels and pallet rollers meet the highest standards every day. From short-term loads to continuous operation, in clean rooms or in mining, Räder Vogel products always offer security and reliability.

SFS Equipments Pvt. Ltd is the exclusive trade partner of Räder Vogel in India

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