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Very Narrow Aisle Truck

  • Very Narrow Aisle Trucks for Rental. Toyota Used Material Handling Equipment for Sale and Rental | SFS Equipment

Our fleet includes the Used Very Narrow Aisles (VNA) Truck Series, which ranges from man-down to man-up trucks. The aisles for the machines can be as narrow as 1460 millimetres and guided by either wire or rail. This range of Second Hand Narrow Aisle Trucks for Sale offers excellent performance, high driver safety, and good ergonomics. The VNA Forklift for Warehouse in this series has fingertip control for fast and precise load handling, and they are also able to function in chilled environments in warehouses and logistic fleets.

Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Forklift Truck

Capacity (in tonnes) – 1-2

Height (in meters) – Up to 11.5

Very Narrow Aisle Truck Service (FAQ)

1. What is a Very Narrow Aisle Truck?

A Very Narrow Aisle Truck is warehousing equipment deployed to store and retrieve stacked units from the narrow aisle shelving systems at a greater height, thereby supporting an increase in the usage of storage space.

2. What are Very Narrow Aisle Trucks used for?

Very Narrow Aisle Trucks are used to stack products in the aisle racking system, which comprises various levels, without damaging the product during warehouse operations.

3. Can I purchase VNA at the most competitive price?

We offer Used Very Narrow Aisle Lift Trucks in Bangalore at the best price for the models that our customers seek to optimize their operations.

4. Do they have VNA Forklift Trucks for Warehouses?

At SFS Equipments, we offer Narrow Aisle Truck exclusively for the warehouse, impacting operations and increasing the ROI for our customers.

5. Does SFS Equipments provide training for handling the equipment?

Our team of engineers trains the operator on how to use aisle trucks to their maximum potential and provides guidelines on how to use the features of the material handling equipment.

6. Do they save more money?

Used Very Narrow Aisle Truck saves cost by optimising warehouse space, increasing stacking levels, and reducing the time involved in the unwanted trips of storage and retrieval.

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