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Tow Truck

  • SFS Equipments | Used Tow Truck | Toyota Used Material Handling Equipments

Our fleet consists of a Used Tow Truck for Sale that provides enhanced safety and efficiency in horizontal transport and order picking in the warehouse and logistic operations. Allowing operators to tow palletised or non-palletised loads, our Tow Truck is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, including production lines, cross-dock logistics, airports, railway stations, and ports.

Electric Tow Truck

Capacity (in tonnes) – 1.5 to 3.0 (5 available on demand)

Tow Truck Service (FAQ)

1. What is a Tow Truck?

A Tow Truck is warehousing equipment deployed to increase operational efficiency by moving the entire shelving system/pallet to the desired location.

2. What are Tow Trucks used for?

Tow Trucks are highly preferred in logistic and warehousing operations to replace the use of forklifts in places where there is a high risk of a dip in efficiency during transit.

3. Can I buy Tow Truck at the best price?

Our customers can buy a Used Tow Truck in Bangalore, to carry out their operation in full swing and be charged as per the package they choose.

4. Do they have a Tow Truck for warehouses?

At SFS Equipments, we offer Used Tow Truck featuring the best specifications that enhance operational efficiency exclusively for Warehouses.

5. Does SFS provide training for handling the equipment?

To get the best out of our material handling equipment, our team trains the operator on the available features of tow trucks, which can be applied to increase productivity when used.

6. Do they save more money?

Tow Trucks save costs as it delivers greater output compared to other material handling equipment when used in the transit of stacked products.

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