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Order Picker

  • Used Order Picker by SFS Equipment is reliable used material handling equipment.

Used Order Picker is the most preferred and efficient Material Handling Equipment For Warehouse operations. It maximizes operational efficiency to fulfill expectations within the desired operational time.

Second-hand Material Handling Equipment is now the first choice for small-scale industries as the investment is comparatively lower when compared to brand-new equipment. Second-Hand Order Picker Forklift supports the user in minimizing the time required for completing a logistic activity. The Used Order Picker for Sale delivers a greater function in stacking and retrieving the products stacked in the shelving system.

Order Picker Forklift

Capacity (in tonnes) – 1.5 to 2.5

Height (in meters) – 6.0 to 10

Time is a crucial factor in executing logistical operations. Used Order Picker Forklift enables the operator to streamline the associated activities involved in the overall operation. This equipment is preferred to stack the stocks at higher heights, which is impossible to execute by human labour. With the help of the Order Picker In Warehouses, the product to be in transit can be safely loaded and unloaded at the desired location without causing any damage to the product.

Order Picker Service (FAQ)

1. What is an Order Picker?

An order picker is a material handling equipment that is greatly used in the stocking operations of the products in the storage systems at various height levels.

2. What are the different types of Order Picking Systems in the warehouse?

Single order picking, batch picking, multi-batch order picking, cluster picking, wave picking, and zone picking

3. What are Order Pickers used for?

Order Pickers are deployed in distribution centres, 3rd party logistics and warehouses to store, retrieve, and move the products to their destined locations.

4. Is Order Picker available at the best price?

Purchasing Used Order Picker in Bangalore is available at SFS Equipments based on your requirements, and quotes apply based on the service you choose.

5. Do they have an order picker for warehouses?

At SFS Equipments, Order Picker for the warehouse are available with various specifications to fulfil your requirements efficiently.

6. Does Order Picker Sale provide training for handling the equipment?

The operator is given general training for handling the purchase order picker.

7. Do they save more money?

Used Order Picker is the best cost saver, as the material handling equipment is available after depreciation.
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