Is Forklift Rental really the most economical and practical solution?

Yes it is! Renting is the preferred option for 4 primary reasons –
  • Renting is more economical than buying for more on this, refer to our blog on “Material Handling Renting Vs Buying”
  • First and foremost, it frees up capital, as renting enables you to acquire the equipment without huge capital outlay, which means no expensive upfront purchase costs or loans with high interests.
  • Renting also allows you the freedom to regularly modernize or upgrade your fleet with the latest equipment and technology once a contract is renewed.
  • You are also able to plan future budgets with a view of the fixed costs present every month without any unexpected maintenance costs arising.
  • Rental programs often come with their own utilisation reports and maintenance personnel. This will dramatically reduce your administration costs and time, leading to increased efficiency as it frees up your staff to concentrate on your core business.

Here is a brief overview of things to consider when renting equipment:

Things to consider from your end:
  • Be sure to determine the maximum weight the forklift will need to carry beforehand. Nothing is more frustrating than paying for a lift truck rental, only to find out that, when it arrives, it’s too light for the job.
  • Another thing to be considered is how your product will be packaged. For example, are the goods on a pallet or sitting loose on the floor? The type of forklift needs to be chosen accordingly
  • Ensure that you have a qualified employee to operate the piece of equipment you wish to hire.
Things to consider about distributors:
  • Is the Equipment well maintained?
  • How is the quality of service provided by different vendors?
  • Are you comfortable with all the terms of the contract?
  • Look beyond the company offering the lowest price, and ensure the forklift is late-model and up to safety specifications to offset potential downtime

Every company has different requirements and needs. The next step is to make a list of your needs. Some questions might arise when forming the list, taking a little time to ask yourself these key questions about your forklift rental investment will pay big dividends. We have compiled a list of such questions and a more detailed list of things to consider when renting material handling equipment – in our blog on “What to consider when renting a forklift?” – As you review them, keep in mind that these are the same types of questions that forklift rental providers will be asking you.

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