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Material handling Equipment: Renting Vs. Buying

There is one clear driver for the growth of material handling equipment rental: the “bottom line”. Renting Material handling equipment is the preferred option, especially if the following are true for your company –

  • Work is project-based and equipment is often left to collect dust until it’s needed for a new project. Naturally, doing so only leads to equipment depreciation.
  • You might not have enough capital to invest in buying equipment upfront; Renting can be a double benefit to your company in this case as not only is it less capital intensive, but rental fees are often immediately deductible as business expenses as opposed to depreciated over a long period of time
  • You do not have space for storing the equipment or the capacity to keep it well maintained
  • Finally, if you are choosing to buy equipment, renting allows you the opportunity to try out material handling before making an expensive purchase

There are also a number of other benefits to renting equipment instead of buying it including the opportunity to “upgrade” your equipment from time to time as you see fit, especially if the material handling needs keep changing rapidly. Naturally, there are many situations where it makes more sense to buy your equipment instead of renting it. If you are using your equipment on most working days in the foreseeable future, have the storage space for it and capacity to keep it maintained, owning will likely be cheaper in the long-run than renting.


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